About Dale Stevens

Dale's company Clerisy Entertainment is a television production company located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada.

In 2009 Dale completed producing, writing and directing Clerisy's first television series called Ghost Cases. A 13 episode ghost hunting series shot in HD. The series is currently being distributed internationally by Breakthrough Entertainment.

His past experience in the television industry was with Arcadia Entertainment where, as Vice President from 2005 to 2008, he worked on various productions including Chasing Wild Horses (Bravo), Buried at Sea (CBC, Historia), Dreamwrecks (26 Eps, CanWest MediaWorks), Freemasonry Revealed (3 Eps, VisionTV, and National Geographic International), That News Show (26 Eps, CanWest MediaWorks) and Go Deep (10 Eps, Alliance Atlantis, History Television).

Dale has a strong businesses background which he attributes to his father’s entrepreneurial spirit. His interest in business is balanced by a compassion for people and their causes and his competitive nature often draws him into rooting for the underdog.

In 2001 he left a successful advertising career to take on the challenge of revitalizing a bankrupt Recreation Centre in his hometown. His commitment to his community was reflected in the work he did as Executive Director of the Eastern Shore Community Centre in 2001 - 2005. In October of 2001 Dale campaigned to turn the facility into a Halifax Regional Municipality property and in May of 2002 he successfully completed that goal and averted a clear path to bankruptcy.

In 2004 Dale was asked to join the board of Chebucto Windfield as Vice President. Chebucto Wind Field Inc. is a community economic development corporation operating in Halifax Regional Municipality, established to make investments in renewable energy and, in particular, wind power development in Nova Scotia. Dale served in that position until 2006.

Dale is also an accomplished athlete. In University, he was a consistent contributor during a 5 year career with the Saint Mary’s University Varsity Basketball Team, helping to lead the Huskies to win the Atlantic University Athletic Championship in 1992 and a 2nd place finish in the CIAU National Final that same year.

Dale was born in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia and is married with two children. He now lives in the Cole Harbour area.

Contact Dale

Dale Stevens
54 Park Road
Musquodoboit Harbour, NS
B0J 2L0
Ph: (902) 499-7720
Email: contact@dalestevens.ca